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Welcome to the InnoHorse webtool!

The InnoHorse web tool was created to help the horse entrepreneur in business planning and development. From these pages you can find information on key legislation regarding manure management, employee and customer safety and well-being of horses in Finland and Sweden. In addition, there are examples of good practices in use in stables in Finland, Sweden and Latvia. Through reading this information you can find ideas on how to develop your business and what to consider when building a new stable.

For services and business development you will find support from the development and innovation section. The website provides concise information on services and innovations and a variety of services and good practices for Finland, Sweden and Latvia. We hope that new ideas inspire you to develop your own activities!

What to improve?

In the Manure Management section you will find information on the principal environmental legislation for the horse industry in Finland and Sweden. In addition, you can review the best practices section for tips on how to achieve your goals. The information is written in English, Finnish and Swedish. The Finnish part also includes a manure maintenance checklist that tells you if your stable still needs improvements. The checklist is based on Finnish legislation.

In the security section, you can map out risks in your stable and check whether your stable fulfills the safety requirements. In addition, you can find new ideas for development from the best practices section.

The section on pasturing allows you to get familiar with the good practices regarding pasturing.

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