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Welcome to develop the manure management of your stable

Many people think that horse manure should not be a problem. Traditionally manure has been seen as a good fertilizer and soil improvement material and an ecological alternative to industrially manufactured chemical fertilizers. Nowadays, manure management is however a problem for many horse entrepreneurs, particularly those in urban areas and near urban areas where placement of manure has become a challenge for those stables that do not have their own fields and have no opportunities to use the manure. Manure has come to represent a sizeable expenditure for stables, which has led, in some cases, to neglecting manure treatment and management.

There is no unambiguous solution to organizing a workable manure management system. The operational environment, location and resources available affect selection of suitable manure management solutions for each stable. Thus, there is a need for knowledge on different manure management possibilities and concrete examples of existing solutions in order to develop manure management.        

The aim of the Innohorse web tool is to present different practical solutions for horse manure management. The issue is addressed through four themes: treatment, storing and utilization of manure as well as different horse paddocks. Each theme begins by describing the issue and its components. Subsequently concrete examples and the experiences of entrepreneurs in Finland and Sweden are described for each theme based on interviews and published literature.





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