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Hippolis is The National Equine Competence Association of Finland. The newly established function is under construction and is supported by all major private and public Horse Industry organisations.

Hippolis will serve both professionals and consumers wanting to increase their knowledge or professionalism at any area of competence.

As a competence center it will also co-ordinate and make available research results, education, corporate advisory needs, such as start ups and product devalopment in order to create favourable conditions for equine industry.

Hippolis mission is to unite horse industry and become the major source for reliable information - by both storing, collecting, creating and making it available.

Member of the European Horse Network 2012-

What is Hippolis doing?

  • Creates the national industry guidelines for 2007-2013 in co-operation with working group
    "Horse Industry Challenges" -established earlier.
  • Horse as a hobby - research recently 2007 - N 1200
  • Hippolis has created and opened the new Web function in 2007
  • Organize educational tours and seminars in order to create right working models
  • Several national information - and training programs
  • Planning and execution of research and working paper pilot guidelines

Hippolis has been operative since 2006 and is funded and organized under the project "National Horse Competence in Finland". The funding was mainly from Häme Regional council, surrounding cities and corporates. The Hippolis Association was established in 2007. Members of the Hippolis association are:

Hippolis main task is:

  • Strenghten the development strategy of the industry as a whole
  • Develop and strenghten the cross industrial and scientific networks
  • Increase and and influence the educational aspects and knowledge
  • Ensure support the innovative projects for private entities

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, feedback or comments You might have!

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